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You'll Have the Edge with Our Investigative Team

Rear Window Investigations LLC, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, will help you to take charge. Find the facts you need for success.

Handcuffs and Gavel

Private Investigation

When you don't have the time or experience to investigate, or if you're finding the local police unhelpful, that's when we come in handy. We have the investigative experience to solve problems in both criminal and civil matters. Trust us to take your case very seriously and to make sure that we are thorough in our investigative work.

For Court Appearances

Going to court can be intimidating and there may not be enough gathered evidence on your part. We offer extensive help to people who fall through the cracks of the justice system. Not only do we offer in-depth evidence for you, but as a licensed private investigator we add credibility to your case. Trust us to help your court case by contributing solid and credible evidence.

Process Server

Take advantage of our new process server services, we are here to help you.

For Small Businesses

Let us help ease your workload with professional background checks, installation of high-tech security equipment, and more. We'll get to the bottom of your issue and help with whatever your investigative needs are.

Property Recovery

If you have property stolen, the police normally won't find it. We'll investigate matters further to help you find your stolen belongings. We guarantee our best effort to recover your precious things.

Missing Relatives

Unless there is foul play suspected, the police aren't going to dedicate a lot of resources into finding your missing relative. We offer dedicated investigative services in finding any evidence or trace of missing persons and actively search for them. Trust us to find your missing loved one.

Papers and Magnifying Glass

Insurance Fraud Investigation

If you're an insurance company and suspicious about an insurance claim, that's where we come in. Perhaps your company has limited resources for investigating fraud or you simply desire a third party to step in. We'll determine if a claim is legitimate or not. Our fraud investigations range from arson to workplace injury fraud, and more. Put our investigative resources to work for you.

Criminal Cases for Attorneys

Take advantage of an independent investigation that will provide you with evidence to use in your court case. Our experienced team makes sure that you receive the real facts of the case. No details go unnoticed. Start today and receive the leading edge in your next court case.